Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma 88

Hello Rainbows!!!! This is the Stipula Etruria Rainbow Prisma Limited edition, number 22/88. I saw this on the secondary market and jumped on it. Somehow this piece of art pulled me right in!!!

The body - is made of acrylic and according to the company's website and promotional materials, it is turned out of a solid piece of acrylic and only 88 pieces were made with the full cap and body in the same material. There is a model where the body is made of clear acrylic and there are 351 pieces of those. There are a few more colours in the rainbow limited editions, but I can't believe I have one out of 88 of these beauties in the world.

The cap band is imprinted white metal with the leaf pattern of Stipula. This Italian brand has also made a nice springy curved clip that follows the contour of the cigar shaped body. The acrylic is alternating ROYGBIV and beautifully meshed together. The finial is a solid piece with the cap and it is thick and translucent through. The body is highly polished and beautiful.

And the nib - a titanium T-flex nib stamped with Stipula's leaf motif. Titanio is imprinted and the flow keeps up with the semi-flex line variation. It is a beautiful nib and flows smoothly as an F when no pressure is added, and the nice spring makes it an easy FM for a bit of flare. Push a little more and you get BB. Very cool. This is a much better titanium nib than the Conid/Bock one I had was mushy and the titanium didn't offer any spring back. This one does!

The barrel is engraved with the beautiful Stipula logo.

Here again is the nib in greater detail. Beautiful no?
Size wise, this is certainly an oversize pen but the section does taper down into something slightly slimmer than an m800. It's hefty and it is weighted towards the middle of the pen body. I don't post this - it's huge!

Here's a writing sample!

How do you like it? Leave me a comment :)


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